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House Rules

Don't be a Dick
A general rule of course, but specifically this applies to things like encumbrance, ammunition, rations, and cost of living expenses. Unless there are story-specific reasons to be more fastidious about tracking (such as being isolated and unable to resupply) then we can kinda hand wave this.

Low-Light Vision & Darkvision
Characters with low-light vision treat the light level as being one higher than normal. Characters with Darkvision treat the light level as being two higher than it is.

Untrained Skills
You can make an untrained check on any skill on your class list(s) even if that skill does not normally allow for a check to be made untrained.

Knowledge Skills
When using a Knowledge skill outside of combat or another time-limiting factor, everyone who wishes to take part can roll with all success counting as aid to the highest roller. This is designed to represent group research and brainstorming.

Mounted Combat
For purposes of targeting and being targeted a rider is assumed to be in both/either of the front two spaces of a mount. A "passenger" riding behind the rider is assumed to be in both/either of the rear two spaces of the mount.

Speaking of mounted combat, HERE is a handy chart someone created to guide us through  what is actually involved in fighting from horse (or other creature) back. It is kind of amazing how rarely I have seen any of this actually played out correctly.

Campaign Coins
You are each in possession of a single Korvosan Crown. Once per chapter you can "spend" the coin to do a thing, something cool and epic and situational – and possibly even outside the normal scope of the rules (all with DM approval, of course). If this action requires a die roll flip your coin: if it lands on the crown fortune favours you and you gain advantage on the roll, if it instead lands on the face of Queen Ileosa you are cursed by fate and instead suffer disadvantage on the roll.

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