Åuria Starfyre Mission Journal

22 Gozran, Toilday

Mistress Eviana Nirgassan,

I write today at my leisure. Much has changed since my last missive. The chaos of the city has cooled, yet a lurking threat hangs over all of Korvosa. A free and prosperous people are under threat from their own monarch – a woman I fear to be a usurper and aspiring despot. 

Despite all this, there have been some glimmers of hope. Two falsely accused women have been  spirited out from under the heel of Ileosa (whom I refuse to refer to as "queen").  This escape, though undertaken by my partners and I, was actually coordinated by a capable and bold human named Vencarlo Orsini. Of the humans I've encountered in Korvosa, he stands out as noble of spirit, resilient, daring, and accomplished. You may sense from my words that I have an admiration for the man – and I don't deny it. It's rare to find charm, sophistication, and worldliness among the parochial Korvosans. Time has not allowed me the opportunity to know more of this man, though I intend (within the strict rules of "mission first") to use what small personal time I have to learn more. I suspect he'll make a fine ally for the elves and pleasant company for me. 

There is one other matter worth relating. During a battle en route to rescuing these two women we were waylaid by highway men, one of whom was a dimwitted hill giant. When the thugs were all slain the hill giant began to blub. These tears were enough for half the party to insist on sparing the monster's life. I would have gladly run the beast through, but seeing half the party against me, I feared that such an action would tear us apart. Taking a life cannot be undone, but letting a seemingly repentant fool free…well, there's at least a chance he'll not fall into his old habits.

I know that this is not justice. Part of me is ashamed of letting the giant live. But marring my relationships with Mila and Teddy is too great a risk when all of Korvosa is at stake. We'll need to trust and support each other in the coming days. We must have a policy for dealing with teary-eyed foes in the future lest we allow misguided compassion to get us killed! As the elf expression has it, "Share but don't empty your stores." 

That ends my report. For now the city is quiet, but the iron fingers of these Grey Maidens are ever tightening. We'll have to act soon to avoid all out dictatorship over the realm.

With Oaths and Arrows I remain your servant,

8 Gozran, Toilday

Mistress Eviana Nirgassan,

Time is against us. I will provide you the crucial facts:

  • The queen or her courtiers are attempting to frame an innocent woman for the death of the king. We know of this woman's innocence firsthand and are appalled by this sham.
  • A folk hero and vigilante saved the falsely accused woman from execution. He is named "Blackjack" and is much loved by the human populace.
  • A necromancer (a relative of Gaedran Lamm) was at work in the paupers' graveyard of Korvosa. He has been defeated.
  • Among the texts found in this necromancer's dungeon was an entire library dedicated to the spread of plague and disease. This does not bode well.
  • Gaerdan Lamm has been killed.

I have been reduced to three allies. Teddy the halfling along with two humans (Tay and Mila). The three of them are useful.

We will proceed in our investigation with the aim of restoring law and order to Korvosa (as a stable Korvosa best serves the Elven people).

In personal matters: I continue my unhealthy relationship with drink. Though I have not overindulged to the point of personal danger, I find myself seeking its comforts in times of stress. This weakness sickens me, yet at present I have not the strength or time to weed this from my personal habits.

I continue to pine for my duties in the wood. Please know that if I can return, I shall. Advise my fellow sentinels of my envy at their serving well the Elven people.

I ask that you pray to Ketephys, mentioning my name and plight. We shall be in need of his aid during this hunt.

With Oaths and Arrows I remain your servant,

Mistress  Eviana Nirgassan,

Lady of Crying Leaf, your servant and soldier Åuria Starfyre sends word from Korvosa. My report is composed in three parts:

  • Regarding the death of my kinswoman
  • The safety of the Elven community in Korvosa
  • The recent tumult surrounding the cursed throne of the city

First, Iyvaina of House Starfyre has paid for her curiosity with her life. A petty human ruffian named Lamm was able to best Iyvaina. Her death was ignominious and is best never spoken of again. Soma, the young elf who accompanied Iyvaina at the Acadamae appears deeply wounded by the death. I mourn for both these forlorn youngsters, though I blame myself and the elders for failing to live as examples of elven morality and culture. I implore your ladyship upon reading these words to disallow any such error in the future. Our blood is too rare and too precious to spill merely to sate our curiosity.

Second, the elves of South Shore continue their mission under ambassador Perishial Kalissreavil's unusual leadership. The trysts between his entourage and the local human nobles has proven fruitful (in more ways than one), securing the safety and influence of the elven enclave in the city. My misgivings about the ambassador's methods are a matter of public record, as is my undying loyalty to the established hierarchy. I only wish that amorous intrigue wasn't the only tool our people had to maintain their safety among our unpredictable and short-lived neighbors.

Finally, and of great import, I fear my return to Crying Leaf will be temporarily curtailed. The King of Korvosa has died and his young wife has ascended the throne. I fear regime change will lead to increased instability in the city, thus putting the South Shore at risk. Until the time comes that I am satisfied our people here are safe, I must remain in and around Korvosa.

I will end here.

Send word to my fellow sentinels that I long to rejoin them the defense of Celwynvian.

With Oaths and Arrows I remain your servant,


Åuria Starfyre Mission Journal

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