Vencarlo Orisini

Noted fencing instructor


One of Korvosa’s most respected and renowned teachers of the honorable arts of fencing and swordplay, Vencarlo is a disarmingly charming individual possessed of sharp and keenly curious mind and whose white hair makes determining his age quite challenging. Vencarlo is missing two fingers, though given his profession this is hardly surprising.

You were introduced to Vencarlo by Cressida Kroft. Though he is a staunch critic of the monarchy Kroft counts him as a true and trusted friend. Vencarlo escorted you much of the way to Eel’s End, listening with rapt intent to your tales of adventure.

As you reached Eel’s End Vencarlo thanked you for what you did for Grau, When asked about the man, Vancarlo said that Grau was once one of his most promising pupils before joining the guard. Mila recalled hearing something about a scandal involving Vencarlo, Grau, and Sabina Merin though the details escaped her at the time. When asked about Sabina, Vencarlo’s eyes grew sad for a moment and then he smiled, saying only, “She found her true calling. I just hope that it’s something that deserves her attentions.” before excusing himself to return to his Orsini Academy which he has invited you to visit in the future.


Vencarlo Orisini

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