Trinia Sabor


Trinia is still a student of painting and the bardic arts and barely in her twenties. She is however also skilled – if reluctant – in combat.

Before being named as the one who killed the King, few had even heard of Trinia Sabor, but whose who had, said she was a talented young painter, as well as a humorous and good-hearted individual.

Not much has escaped on exactly is supposed to have happened, but what details have emerged tell that Trinia was to paint a painting of the King and spent several hours-long sessions with him alone. Several guards testified to Trinia behaving oddly and one guard confessed to being part of her plot, shortly before falling or jumping to his death from the eastern tower of Castle Korvosa.

When Trinia was proclaimed as responsible for the death of King Eodred, Cressida Kroft called for you to find her, and bring her back for interrogation. You found Trinia’s apartment easily enough but one of her neighbours signaled the girl who beat a hasty retreat out the window and onto a neighbouring rooftop. After a frustrating chase through The Shingles you captured Trinia who fell to her knees and plead her innocence. You met up with Grau who went to fetch Cressida. She thanked you for saving the girl and ensured she’d get to the bottom of the situation.

At the behest of Cressida, you visited Vencarlo who had been secreting away both Trinia and Celia, the young woman who had been made up to look like Trinia and was set to be executed in her stead before her dynamic recuse at the hand of Blackjack. You escorted both women to Trots (aka. the Day Away Inn) to meet up with Jasan, a friend of Vancarlo’s, who took both woman to his home at Blackbird Ranch near Harse for their safety.

Trinia Sabor

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