Sabina Merrin

Captain of the Castle Guard and Queen's Confidant


Sabina Merrin is the head of the Korvosan Royal Guard and personal bodyguard of Queen Ileosa Arabasti. With her stern beauty, coal-dark hair, and facial scar she is quite distinctive. Can normally be found at Castle Korvosa at the queen’s side.

Sabina was once the protege of the famed weaponmaster Vencarlo Orisini, but left the school under dubious circumstances after a bitter duel with her former teacher. Since her departure, she found her way into the Korvosan Guard. Her skills led to a swift rise through the ranks, and her ferocity in battle and her gothic beauty quickly caught Ileosa’s eye. The queen requested Sabina be discharged from the Guard, then quickly reassigned her to her current role as royal bodyguard, handmaiden, and eventually, according to common rumors, lover. Whatever Sabina’s actual relationship with Ileosa, she is rarely seen far from the queen’s side.

In your dealings with Sabina to date she has been businesslike, perhaps even curt, but neither rude nor dismissive.


Sabina Merrin

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