Rolth Lamm

Necromancer and son of Gaedren Lamm


Necromancer and son of Gaedren Lamm. You investigated Rolth’s lab beneath the Deadwarrens and uncovered a library of books on plagues and diseases, suggesting a possible connection between him and the Blood Veil plague currently afflicting Korvosa.

Rolth is a foul man by any definition of the term. Once handsome but now pale and blotchy from scars caused by various diseases he’s exposed himself to (either by accident or design), Rolth wears thick leather robes lined with dozens of pockets that bulge with surgical and mortician tools, and is always ready and eager for new opportunities to study the ways in which flesh can be altered, enhanced, and cut away. To Rolth, every portion of a living body is an incomplete work of art, and if knives are the tools he uses to prepare his medium, then the colors, scents, and textures that decay brings are his tools to finish the job.

Rolth’s childhood with his abusive father, Gaedren, primed him for a life of crime and the spread of misery. Although Rolth often ran away from home, Gaedren always managed to track him down and return him to work in another illicit venture. It wasn’t until Rolth began to study necromancy and afflicted his father with a disturbing spell of his own design, unlock flesh, that Gaedren finally afforded his son the fear Rolth sought. The next time Rolth left home, Gaedren did not follow.


Rolth Lamm

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