Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 26: Blades in the Dark

In Short…

To Jolistina to Cressida. Handed off to Ros & Guil.

Told Cressida what they suspect of Dr Dauvalus and the Queen's Physicians. She is disappointed but not shocked for she has suspected as much. She asks them to visit Ishani, quietly. They go. He is working in secret in an alchemy lab in the Temple of Sarenrae trying to secretly concoct an antidote without Dr Dauvalus knowing what he is doing. Cressida knows this and is helping him. PCs offer him the use of their plague books.

At Cressida's request they visit the Dr to suss him out. He says he has traced the plague source to wererats. They follow up on the lead and pick up the scent of the old wererat lady who sent them after Girrigz. Going down in the sewers they find her dead. Murdered!

Jumped by two Red Mantis assassins! Teddy is hit bad. Things looks grim but the tide turns fast. One goes invisible. Tay kills one, tears him apart. Mila jumps in the "water" to save Teddy with healing. They win…


Sulaco Sulaco

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