Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 25: Dance Macabre

4709: 13 Desnus, Moonday - 14 Desnus , Toilday

In short…

Tay take Mila to the Nook. Awkward confessions, awkward silence.

Back to the Pizzle. Ruan's sister shows up and asks them to investigate. Mila recognizes the name, has worked with him a few times in venues throughout the city. She was also hired to perform at the manor once and so knows the rough layout.

They go to investigate. Tay scouts the gardens in cat form. Teddy picks the lock and they enter.

Dancing zombies! Jolisitina taunts them from above. Combat with zombies. Tay takes a big hit, Auria drops a fireball! Over quickly.

They go upstairs, are attacked by the art zombies. Jolistina shoots Tay with a sneak attack. More investigating.

Mila spies Jolistina below and hits her with hideous laughter. Auria drops another fireball, minimal damage. They swarm her. She shakes off the laughter, but Mila uses it again. Teddy swoops in for a telling stab and she surrenders. Gives up all the into on Ruan, etc. They knock her out.

They discover Ausio in the cellar. Super-distraught.  He goes off on his own.

Now what…


Sulaco Sulaco

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