Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 24: Rack and Ruins

4709: 12 Desnus, Sunday

In Short…

Ishani confirms Tay wishes to return. The others leave as the ritual occurs. Gasp, he's back! Tearful reunion. He confesses his love for Mila. Awkward! Ishani restores one lost level.

They retire to the Pizzle to rest. Later, visit Cressida. She asks them to investigate Racker's Alley for a body dump. They go. Poke through bodies. Find the hole but go in the front door. Find loot.

While searching around two vampire spawn awake. Tay kills one as it pokes its head through. The other exits and attacks. The other two appear a few rounds later. Chaos and madness. Tay is hit and drained a further few levels. Near death again!

They win out, leave. Tay goes off to rest, Teddy goes to the bank to open the safe deposit box. Dons the boots. Yay!

Now what…


Sulaco Sulaco

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