Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 23: Blood in the Streets

4709: 9 Desnus, Oathday - 12 Desnus, Sunday

In Short…

Dealing with the aftermath of Nut's deat. Tay gone for day. They want to find the old wererat lady. Mila talks to Zellara. She says to wait for Tay.

A couple days later, scratches at the door. Tay in cat form! Mila recognizes him, Auria accepts it, Teddy is very nervous. 

Tay catches the scent and they follow, winding through the streets. Find Selvin just as Silent Needle attacks (blur). Chaos ensues. Auria casts glitterdust blinding 8 people in the crowd. Six are injured and 1 killed in the ensuing riot/stampede.

Silent needle strikes Selvin and then moves to flee. As the PCs move into the crowd both Auria and Mila are attacked by goons. Tay corners Silent Needle but is flanked by a third goon. He strikes back but not enough to kill.  They both attack him, lots of damage. Tay kills the goon, Silent Needle tries to flee. Mila heals some of Tay's damage. Silent Needle climbs up on a roof. Tay follows. Mila tries to net her and misses. Silent Needle strikes again and drops to the ground. Tay falls from blood loss. Mila kills Silent Needle.

Distraught! Auria snaps Mila our of her funk by tending the wounded. Zellara reminds Mila of Ishani. They go to the temple of Abadar but find he has left the temple and joined Saranrae! Going there he seems content. He rushes Tay into a chamber, wants to contact the spirit to see if Tay wants to return. There will be no charge, Ishani says Tay saved his soul…


Sulaco Sulaco

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