Curse of the Crimson Throne

Sessions 21 and 22: Vermin Above and Below

4709: 8 Desnus, Wealday

In Short…

They enter Vendra's home. Finding nothing they move on and use the secret door to enter the apartment next door. Try to sneak but one of the guards hears. They attack. One guard is killed but they take Vendra and the other guard prisoner. Lead them out into the street. Vendra slips the bonds and tells the guard to run or she'll kill him. He flees, Nuts pursues and kills him. Vendra uses the distraction to try to flee but is shut down immediately. Mila goes to get the guards.

Awhile later Ros and Guil show up. Vendra claims the fake potion is just a batch of perfume. There is no proof otherwise and there are two dead guards so the PCs are arrested. Vendra is going to narc them out for stealing her stuff but opts not to, instead smugly letting them know whe has them over a barrel. She returns to her home (and is never seen again).

Cressida is unimpressed. With little option she lets Ros and Guil in on the fact the PCs are working for her still in secret. They tell Mila how her dad saved them, more than once, and they'll keep the secret.

A few days pass…

At the Pizzle the PCs are approached by an old wererat woman who is afraid Grigiz will start a war. She tells them where he is and begs them not to kill her people. They go, set off a purple shrieker in the first room. Kill a couple dire rats and one wererat, knock the other out.

Rat swarm attack. Easily defeated. Enter the next room. 

Wererats attack.  Combat starts. Mila nets one right off the bat.

Girgiz enters combat. Goes for Teddy, the closest. A solid hit! Auria hits Girgiz with a blindness. He spend much of the rest of the fight missing because of it. Hits a few times. Teddy drops and is dying. Saved by stabilizing and a potion from Auria.

The rest of the fight is a nightmare. The wererats are slowly whittled down. Much flanking on both sides. Auria's silversheen arrows are a literal lifesaver! Nuts is killed by a wererat! The option of taking them alive goes right out the window as Tay absolutely loses it. 

After the fight Tay is gutted, crying over his lost friend. Mila comforts him. The others check out the rest of the lair, kill a few dire rats, feed a corpse to the otyugh, and discover the weapons and attack plans.

They leave. Tay vanishes with the corpse of Nutbiter…


Sulaco Sulaco

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