Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 20: Dollars and Scents

4709: 28 Gozran, Sunday - 7 Desnus, Toilday

In Short…

Ishani comes to heal Tay. Mila pays. He gives the money back to Aruria to give to Mila. He admits to a crisis of faith. Leaves quietly.

Mila stays with Tay, who admits he was scared. He hugs Mila. 

A few days pass. The city is getting worse. The Pizzle is closed for business as are many places including Eels End. Caydence goes off to take care of her family. They find a flyer for Lavender's Linament and go to check it out. Mila spies the guy "just browsing" inside.

Very long line, people talk about getting turned away. Auria and Teddy go out to gather info on Vendra Loaggri. Find nothing. Mila goes to ask Cressida, also nothing but she voices her concern with the place as well.

The shop runs out and closes. Tay is in line, sees the browser exit and follows. The others find him gone and return to the Pizzle. Tay follows him to the docks. He is throwing money around at a tavern, people comment on it being unusual. Tay leaves and back to the Pizzle.

They decide to investigate. Go back after dark. Climb the roof and drop down in the laneway. Teddy is spotted and they attack the guards. Easily defeated and dumped in the old stairwell. The enter the shop, find loot. No secret doors but Auria spies one in Vendra's home. They go out back to check it out…


Sulaco Sulaco

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