Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 10: Eel's Well the Ends Well
26 Pharast, Wealday - 30 Pharast, Sunday


Session 9: A Slippery Situation
24 Pharast, Moonday - 25 Pharast, Toilday

Session 8: ...and the Fury
22 Pharast, Starday - 24 Pharast, Moonday


Session 7: The Filth...
22 Pharast, Starday



Session 6: Beat the Meat
21 Pharast, Fireday


Session 5: The Thin Red & Yellow Line
20 Pharast, Oathday - 21 Pharast, Fireday

Session 4: Panic in the Streets of Korvosa!
17 Pharast, Moonday - 20 Pharast, Oathday

Session 3: The Silencing of the Lamm
17 Pharast - Moonday


Session 2: The Old Fishery
16 Pharast - Sunday

Wisely opting against a frontal assault, our heroes choose instead to scout the building out. While  both Tay and Teddy had some knowledge of the place from their time among Lamm's Lambs, both had known little of the place overall and suffered much since then so could offer little in the way of insight.

Mila volunteered to scout the slippery boardwalk clinging to the south-side of the fishery, a rickety structure held together by barnacle-encrusted pilings that have had half of their thickness worn away below the waterline. Within moments of setting foot on the slick and creaking planks Mila tumbled into the water 12 feet below. Almost instantly she was attacked by a Jigsaw shark, a vicious predator often found patrolling the coast in search of an easy meal. She attempted to secure the beast's mouth with her net but, in her panic, instead sent it spinning into the murky harbour beyond. The best bit her savagely, leaving her bleeding and unconscious. Luckily the others had the foresight to tie a rope around Mila's waist before she'd set forth and were able to yank her to safely moments before the creature was about to swallow her whole. After Cloteus restored Mila to health they wisely decided to pursue a different means of entering the building.

The main entrance was a set of old double doors facing the street, with a drooping signpost hanging above. The sign it once displayed is long gone, leaving behind only a single short length of rusted chain. Finding them locked they decided not to risk discovery by forcing them or picking the lock and instead moved past to the fifteen-foot-wide loading dock that abuts the north-side of the building. The double doors to the immediate south of the loading dock’s ramp were locked. Again, rather than risk discover so close to the street they descended the rickety flight of stairs to the lower dock just three feet over the river’s surface. Here was a simple door which Teddy unlocked it with ease and they slipped into the darkness beyond, finding themselves in the foul-smelling cavernous room slick with river water, bits of seaweed, and fish blood. Wooden catwalks 10 feet above to the north and south allow access between the western part of the fishery and the floor of the room. A wide opening in the floor opened directly to the muddy water of the Jeggare River below, while to the northwest was an immense wooden vat. To the east, beneath a row of grimy and cracked windows, are stacked many barrels and crates, each with a fish painted on it. Over a dozen small hammocks hung from under the catwalks, each holding a sleeping Lamb.

Careful not to wake the children lest they raise an alarm, our heroes carefully climbed up the western staircase to the work room beyond. If anything the stink in this room, a mixture of fish and sweat, was even worse than the main room below. A pair of wooden chutes lead from a large wooden trough with a hideous mound of half-rancid fish, seaweed, and brine – clearly the source of the eye-watering stench – trough through holes in the eastern wall into a larger room beyond. A far more immediate threat than the unholy stench was the room's occupants: Giggles and Bloo. Tay's rage at seeing his former torturer was incandescent and the battle that followed was short and bloody, ending with both the half-orc and the dog dead.

They pushed on, the group splitting up as they explored the small network of rooms. First the front room with its single desk, a moldy pile of ratty furs and straw heaped underneath. Off of that, Yargin's unruly office heaped with papers and slates. Lastly, the sparse barracks with pair of bunk beds and boarded-over windows. It was here that that found Hookshanks and Yargin Balko, the last two of Lamm's dedicated cronies, asleep.

Fueled by rage, Tay attacked. Hookshanks was awakened by the noise and defended homself, shouting to rouse Balko. The fight was chaotic in the tight confines of the small room, a flurry of blood and blows. Balko, never a fighter, did not last long. Hookshanks ended up hiding under the bed after being tripped by Mila's whip. Already wounded, and seeing him slim were his odds of survival, Hookshanks attempted to break through a lose board on the windows but was struck down before he could make his escape.

Having found no sign of Lamm they elected to investigate the old ship moored at the end of the building's treacherous southern boardwalk. Returning how they had entered they found the main room empty, the children clearly having taken this opportunity to flee Lamm's servitude. Understandably. Mila was reluctant to take the lead in traversing the boardwalk again so Tay and Nutbiter lead the way. With every step they took the structure creaked and groaned alarmingly before the boards eventually gave way beneath their feet plunging them into the river below…and the waiting maw of the jigsaw shark. Again they were able to fight it off, with Auria leaving an arrow through it's dorsal fin for good measure, and Tay and Nutbiter made it safely back to shore.


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