Åuria Starfyre

Elven Sentinel


Daughter of exiles from the ancient elf city of Celwynvian, Åuria Starfyre is not a woman who suffers fools gladly. A militant protector of the ancient ruins, Åuria spends most of her time in and around the once great capital, but often finds herself as a go-between to the city’s South Shore elven enclave. Recently, Åuria received special permission to pursue an evil festering in the heart of Korvosa.

A member of her House, Iyvaina (EE-ya-ven-iya) Starfyre departed from the safety of the Mierani Forest, to study experimental magical theories at the Acadamae. Iyvaina made this decision despite Åuria’s vehement opposition. It wasn’t long before rumours of Iyvaina’s disappearance reached the elves of the South Shore. After a short investigation at the Acadamae, Åuria concluded that the crime lord Gaedrun Lamm was responsible for the kidnapping. She has vowed to slay the villain as a warning to any others who would dare attack a member of her House and the Elven Nation in Korvosa.

A solider of her people, Åuria is curt and direct. Ill at ease speaking with non-elves or city folk, she often bites her tongue to avoid sounding rude or bossy. She is supremely confident, but because she lacks charm, can come off as arrogant and aloof.
Åuria looks very nearly alien within the human dominated confines of Korvosa. Dressed in an immaculate white uniform, a gray cloak trimmed in silver, and spotless white gloves, this elf sentinel stands-out amid the dinginess of the city. Her shocking white hair, amber-flecked hazel eyes, and sharp, aristocratic features makes her as beautiful as she is distant.

Things Åuria (OW-ree-ah)says:
“I am Åuria Starfyre of the House Starfyre, protector of the glorious ruins of Celwynvian, servant of her Lord in Mierani Forest, and foe of evil-doers. Who are you?”
“Impatience. A human frailty.”
“Stubborn, eh? A Dwarf frailty.”
“Homesick, hmm? A Halfling frailty…” you get the idea.
“Speak plainly.”
“I’ll bring that savage to heel.”
“Out of the way!”
“If I’ve offended, I’ve misspoken.”
“The art of war requires both a keen eye and a keen mind.”
“True. I am quite accomplished.”
“Enough prattling on. Ah…that is, do go on with your charming tale.”


Åuria Starfyre

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