Curse of the Crimson Throne

Our Tale Begins with a Harrowing...
16 Pharast - Sunday

Six disparate and desperate souls, each wronged by the villainous crimelord Gaedran Lamm, each finds a mysterious Harrow card. On the back a plea to attend a meeting of others Lamm has wrong, and a promise of a chance at vengeance against him.

Following the directions on the card leads each of our heroes to the home of Zellara Esmeranda, a local fortune teller. She too has been greatly wronged by Gaedren Lamm. A year or so ago a precious heirloom was stolen from her, a Harrow Deck passed down through the generations of her family. The deck was returned but Gaedren killed Zallara's son in retribution. Consulting deeply with the Harrow Zellara has tracked down six individulas who have also been wronged by Gaedren Lamm and set them on the bath of justice…and revenge.

To say the first meeting of these would-be avangers was not the smoothest is an understatement. Rife with confusion, mistrust, and paranoia it seemed unlikely this hodgepodge mix of human, elf, and halfling could possibly work together but the common goal of seeing Lamm finally brought to justice – in irons or on a sword – was enough to set them on this path together.

Finding Lamm's current base of operations at the Old Fishery was easy enough, but how best to proceed? A frontal? A polite knock on the door? Burn the place down? That remains to be seen… 


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